Composite Manufacturing

Working with composites is an art form and requires craftsmanship. Fortunately, we have artists with this particular skill set. Our detail-oriented team can do premium-quality prototypes, small production runs, and long-term projects. We incorporate quality assurance testing into each step of the process, making sure parts are inspected throughout the entire process.


Innovation At Its Finest.

We work with a wide range of composite materials like carbon fiber, kevlar, and fiberglass to create new, standard, and advanced parts. Bringing true artistry to composite manufacturing, we deliver final products at a higher quality. See some of our capabilities.

Materials Testing

Run by specialists in our fully-equipped laboratory, we utilize the latest methods for material application trials, detecting defects, improving new materials, testing material strength, and more.

Pattern Building

We design and fabricate patterns and cores for a variety of casting systems right here in our pattern shop.

Mold Building

We make high-tolerance, custom molds. No matter the size or number of cavities, we’ll provide the bracing and build the best mold for your project.

Open Molding

Open molding caters to large scale products or low-volume production. It’s a flexible, low cost solution with unlimited design options.

Closed Molding

With closed molding we make quality parts faster, more consistently, and with less waste. Our finished pieces have better surface cosmetics, as well, which makes for less post work.

Composite Tooling

Quality tools produce quality parts. It’s that simple. Our talented team makes quality, cost-effective tooling for low to high volume production.

Our Equipment